Global Symposium on Women in Fisheries

All over the world, women contribute in multiple ways to the production, processing, marketing and management of fish and other living aquatic resources. The first ever Global Symposium on Women in Fisheries, held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 29 November 2001 generated the present collection of papers on women in fisheries. The reader of this volume will find in it a wealth of information, albeit in a very heterogeneous form, that the authors have had to draw from many different sources. Some are primary research studies whereas most are historical reviews from first hand experience of the authors or derived from other written materials, often contained in reports of fisheries development projects, newspapers and source materials well outside the fish sectors.


Williams, M.J., Chao, N.H., Choo, P.S., Matics, K., Nandeesha, M.C., Shariff, M., Siason, I., Tech, E., Wong, J.M.C. (eds.) (2002)
Sixth Asian Fisheries Forum, 29 November 2001, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. ICLARM - The World Fish Center. Penang, Malaysia. 209 p.