Growth performance of Oreochromis lidole, O. squamipinnis, O. shiranus and O. karongae, new candidate species for aquaculture in open waters and fishponds in Malawi.

There are several tilapia species (Fam. Cichlidae) indeginous to Lake Malawi whose growth potential is little known outside their natural environment. Past aquaculture research efforts in Malawi have concentrated on Oreochromis shiranus and Tilapia rendalli. The performance of both species in ponds is limited by a high reproductive capacity and slow growth. Therefore, new candidate species for aquaculture such as Oreochromis lidole, O. squamipinnis and O.karongae, are under investigation. O. lidole grows well in open waters ( Phi ' = log sub(10)K+2log sub(10)L sub( infinity )=2.79) but does not spawn readily in ponds, while O. squamipinnis appears to have a low growth potential ( Phi '=2.58, also based on standard lengths). O. karongae, on the other hand, breeds in ponds. Selected growthcomparison were made between their populations in Lake Malawi and those kept in fishponds at the NationalAquaculture Centre, Domasi, Zomba. Their growth potential is high, with Phi '=2.76 and 3.03 for the lake andfishpond populations, respectively. Thus, growth performance and spawning success in shallow pond make O.karongae an attractive candidate species for aquaculture.


Msiska, O.V., Costa-Pierce, B.A. (1997)
ICLARM Conf. Proc. (41): 129-134