Hen Mpoano, our Coast, our Future. Western Region of Ghana. Building capacity for adapting to a rapidly changing coastal zone: Lessons learned

Our Coast, Our Future: Western Region of Ghana was the first major product of the Hen Mpoano initiative, published in 2010. It made the case that a process is needed which is grounded in the belief that a fresh approach to the governance of the coast and fisheries will take root only when it addresses issues that are perceived by the people of the place as important. This new, capstone document captures the voices of the leaders, staff and stakeholders engaged in this new process during the period 2010 to 2013. They have worked very hard to make tangible progress toward improved fisheries, marine and coastal governance in the Western Region and have much to say about what works, doesn¡¦t work and why. These lessons learned are accompanied by overviews of the elements of a new governance program for the Western Region that can serve as a model for the nation.


Page, G.G. (2013)
Coastal Resources Center, University of Rhode Island