Higher fish but lower micronutrient intakes: Temporal changes in fish consumption from capture fisheries and aquaculture in Bangladesh

This study shows people in Bangladesh are now eating 30% more fish than they did 20 years ago, but they are getting a smaller amount of important nutrients from it. The results challenge the conventional narrative that increases in food supply lead to improvements in diet and nutrition. As aquaculture becomes an increasingly important food source, it must embrace a nutrition-sensitive approach, moving beyond maximising productivity to also consider nutritional quality. Doing so will optimise the complementary role that aquaculture and capture fisheries play in improving nutrition and health.


Bogard, J.R., Farook, S., Marks, G.C., Waid, J., Belton, B., Ali, M., Toufique, K., Mamun, A., Thilsted, S.H. (2017)
PLoS ONE, 12(4): e0175098 [open access]