Md. Mosaref Sikdar lives in Islampur village in Patuakhali district of Bangladesh. Nearly 15 years ago when Mosaref launched his carp nursery on a small pond, he had no access to aquaculture training sessions. He worked without prior knowledge or external assistance of any kind.

When the USAID-funded Aquaculture for Income and Nutrition project shared with him tips on quality carp fingerling production, Mosaref was at first reluctant due to his strong belief in traditional methods. However, a number of hands-on and formal training opportunities introduced him to new technologies, inputs and management that unlocked the potential of transforming his business.

After training, the project supported him with 10 kilograms of quality Mirror carp seed and 300 kilograms of fish feed. Within 10 days of stocking, Mosaref was pleased to observe the growth of the seeds. Nearly 11,000 fingerlings were produced which he sold for about $830, earning him his highest net profit of $610 in just about two months.

Later, Mosaref successfully extended his nursery from 60 to 200 decimals and now his family’s livelihood depends totally on carp nursery income. Farmers who stocked their ponds with Mosaref’s fingerlings are happy with their growth rate, which is better than fingerlings from other sources. Mosaref’s long-held good reputation and the project's effective intervention have convinced the farmers of the value of farming with a difference.

18 September 2013

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