Improving disease resistance of cultured fish through selective programs (an overview)

The sustainable development of aquaculture in Egypt needs the efforts coordinated of different sectors. Disease prevention is the most important aspect for protecting the success in the field of aquaculture. Egyptian farmers, like other farmers in other countries, use different chemicals and antibiotics to treat fish diseases. This approach is dangerous to aquaculture because of the residue in fish body and also for the development of drug resistant bacteria that not only affect fish but also induce harmful effect on humans and may have a deteriorative effect on the environment. Development of selective breeding research is important to improve disease resistance in Egypt. This paper is focusing on effort that done in this regard.


Mesalhy, S., Megahed, M.E. (2009)
Abbassa International Journal for Aquaculture. Special issue for Global Fisheries & Aquaculture Research Conference, Cairo International Convention Center, 24-26 Oct 2008 p. 387-405