Increased production of small fish in wetlands combats micronutrient deficiencies in Bangladesh

Increased production of mola and other small fish can be achieved through stock enhancement and sustainable management of natural wetlands. Enhanced fish production can increase consumption and provide nutritional benefits, especially for women and young children, as they suffer from high rates of malnutrition, including micronutrient deficiencies. Mola and other small fish, which are eaten whole, have high contents of vitamins and minerals. In recent years, there has been a reduction in fish production and biodiversity in wetland areas of Bangladesh. Policies should be developed and implemented for sustainable management of wetland resources to enhance production and productivity of small fish species in the future.


Thilsted, S.H., Wahab, M.A. (2014)
CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems. Penang, Malaysia. Policy Brief: AAS-2014-10