Integrated floating cage aquageoponics system (IFCAS): An innovation in fish and vegetable production for shaded ponds in Bangladesh

Farmer participatory action research was carried out from July to December 2013 to design and construct a technology known as IFCAS (integrated floating cage aquageoponics system) for growing fish and vegetables in shaded ponds in the Barisal region of Bangladesh under the EU funded ANEP (Agriculture and Nutrition Extension Project). This article attempts to assess how this integrated technology fits into the socio-economic conditions of farming households and physical characteristics of the pond. It also assesses fish and vegetable production and household level consumption, and financial efficiency of IFCAS.


Haque, M.M., Alam, M.R., Alam, M.M., Basak, B., Sumi, K.R., Belton, B., Murshed-E-Jahan, K. (2015)
Aquaculture Reports, 2: 1-9 [open access]