Integrating fish into seasonally flooded rice fields: on-farm trials in Assam, India

In the State of Assam, floodplains cover 2.6 million ha of area that is traditionally rice growing. The ecosystem in the rice-growing areas has undergone major changes as a result of various developmental activities and adoption of modern farming technology. Rice fields were once the major source of fish for the rural farmers. There has been a sharp decline in fish population in rice field leading to a chronic shortage of fish in the State and a deterioration of the rice ecosystem. This paper describes two on-farm experiments for integrating rice cultivation and fish production with the intent of contributing to the understanding of how raising fish can improve rice yields, riceecosystems and farm incomes.


Baruah, U.K., Borah, B.C. (2006)
NAGA, 29(1/2):48-52