Intra-household impacts of climate change hazards and autonomous adaptation: Evidence from Bohol, Philippine

This study is an attempt to systematically study the intra-household implications and issues of climate-related shocks or hazards. We look at how the internal dynamics of decision making within the household and the joint adaptive action of household members (particularly the husband and wife) affect outcomes/risks for different groups and individuals within the household itself. The areas covered in the study are three municipalities in the province of Bohol, Philippines, namely, Anda, Bien Unido, and Inabanga, which are all coastal areas in the province.


Agbon, A.B.D., Anzano, C.G., Sajise, A.J.U., Ramirez, P.J.R., Zamora, G.J. (2017)
EEPSEA Research Report No. 2017-RR17. Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia, Laguna, Philippines [open access]