An inventory of fish species at the urban markets of Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

This study, which aims at analyzing the nutritional value of fish products sold on the fish markets of Lubumbashi, has been conducted by the World Fish center as part of its regional programme "Fisheries and HIV/AIDS in Africa : investing in sustainable solutions". This report contains a map of fish markets of Lubumbashi with analyses of fish species found at these markets, and information about the most common fish species. In addition, a photographic guide of the various types of fish and fish products in their order of importance, depending on the amounts that are available on Lubumbashi markets. was also compiled.


Mujinga, W., Lwamba, J., Mutala, S., Hüsken, S.M.C. (2010)
Regional Programme Fisheries and HIV/AIDS in Africa: Investing in Sustainable Solutions. Project Report 1983. WorldFish Center, Penang. 30 p.