Length-weight relationships of fishes from tributaries of the Volta River, Ghana Part 1: Analysis of pooled data sets.

The parameters a and b of length-weight relationships of the form W = a L super(b) were estimated for 45 fish species sampled in the Oti, Pru and Black Volta rivers, Ghana. Also, the slope and intercepts of regressional enabling standard to total length conversions were estimated for each of these same species. The estimates of b, which ranged from 2.35 to 3.27 have a mean of 2.98, with a s.e. of 0.036. These results are complemented with a brief discussion of the need for data summaries such as presented in this article.


Entsua-Mensah, Osei-Abunyewa, A., Palomares, M.L.D. (1995)
NAGA 18 (1): 36-38