Management of fisheries, coastal resources and coastal environment in Thailand: institutional, legal and policy perspectives.

In this working paper, the authors carried out a study on the institutional, legal and policy framework for managing the fisheries, coastal resources and coastal environment in Thai land and proffered solutions to the management of these resources. The authors adapted various methodologies to carry out the study. They provided a description of the Thai political economic system. They have also identified four case studies to explore various resource management issues in Thailand and recommended strategies on how these can be addressed considering the peculiarity of each management issue. Vital laws, policies, plans and institutions are also reviewed. The authors also offer means on how the local communities can be involved in managing their coastal and fishery resources.


Nissapa, A., Masae, A., Jungrungrot, V., Boromthanarat, S. (1999)
Policy Legal Inst. Stud. Work. Pap. (1): 85 p.