Managing Aquatic Agricultural Systems to improve nutrition and livelihoods in rural Myanmar (MYNutrition) [Burmese version]

The Managing Aquatic Agricultural Systems to Improve Nutrition and Livelihoods in Rural Myanmar (MYNutrition) project intends to adapt and scale up the successful innovative integrated aquaculture and fisheries/agriculture-nutrition linkages developed under the IFAD-funded Small Fish and Nutrition project in northeast and northwest rural Bangladesh in 2010-2013. This project aims to improve the nutrition and livelihoods of poor, rural households in aquatic agricultural systems in Myanmar, through increased intakes of micronutrient-rich small fish and vegetables from home production, as well as increased household income. This factsheet outlines the key elements and expected outcome of the project.


WorldFish (2016)
Penang, Malaysia. Factsheet: 2016-06