Marketing of small indigenous fish species (SIS) and the socio-economic aspects of SIS producers, intermediaries and retailers with sustainable livelihood approach in three fish markets of Mymensingh

A year long survey was conducted in three fish markets of Mymensingh - a rural market (Sutiakhali market), a peri-urban market (KR market, BAU) and an urban market (Notun Bazar market, Mymensingh town) to study the qualitative and quantitative species-wise information of the supply and marketing pattern of small indigenous species of fish (SIS) and to evaluate the socioeconomic status of the people related to SIS marketing.The specific objectives of the studies are 1)To identify species-wise qualitative and quantitative availability of SIS in three fish markets of Mymensingh; 2) To identify the sources of SIS; 3) To evaluate existing demand, supply and its trend, and the price of SIS; and 4To evaluate socio-economic conditions of the people involved in SIS marketing.


Hossain, M.A.R. (2004)
Bangladesh Agricultural University. Mymensingh, Bangladesh. 50 p.