More meat, milk and fish by and for the poor --- CGIAR Research Program 3.7 - Fish

As a member of the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). The WorldFish Center will partner with several other CGIAR Centers in the CGIAR Research Program 3.7 "More meat, milk and fish by and for the poor". The focus of research for the fish components of the Program are on technology platform and integrated value chain research. Under this program, the WorldFish Center will work to help achieve large scale, environmentally sustainable increases in supply of fish to poor consumers in developing countries by focusing its research to develop new seed and feed technologies, understand how to improve the institutional environment, and by testing an integrated value-chain approach to these issues in a limited number of countries (Egypt and Uganda).


The WorldFish Center (2011)
Brief no. 2011-16 The WorldFish Center. Penang, Malaysia. 8 p.