A new methodology for rapidly acquiring basic information on tropical fish stocks growth, mortality, and stock recruitment relationships

Comparative methods are presented which allow for quick and relatively reliable growth parameter estimates when growth data are not at hand. One of these methods involves the use of a newly developed "auximetric grid." An empirical equation for the estimation of natural mortality of any fish stock, given a set of growth parameters, is briefly reviewed. The methods are applied to data from the Gulf of Thailand trawl fishery, and the mortality caused by this fishery is estimated.


Pauly, D. (1980)
p. 154-174. In: Saila, S.B. ; Roedel, P.M. (eds.) Stock assessment for tropical small-scale fisheries. Proceedings of an International Workshop, University of Rhode Island, Kingston. R.I., 19-21 Sept 1979. International Center for Marine Resource Development, University of Rhode Island, Kingston.