Over-exploitation of the demersal resources of Manila Bay and adjacent areas.

A review of the multispecies fisheries of Manila Bay (Philippines) and adjacent waters is presented, covering an area of 5,200 km super(2) and a depth range from 0 to 100 m. The available data on species and size composition oftrawl catches are too scanty to allow strong inferences, although they indicate overfishing. Trends of effort, catch and standardized catch per effort for 1948 to 1984 provide, on the other hand, strong support for the occurrence ofmassive overfishing, as is confirmed by relating a number of single-species optimum mesh size estimates with thecurrent trawl cod end mesh size of 2 cm. A plot of aggregate landings vs fishing mortality was used to obtain estimates of economic rent from the fishery, and of maximum economic yield (MEY = 8,600-17,400 metric tons per year).


Silvestre, G., Federizon, R., Munoz, J., Pauly, D. (1987)
RAPA Rep. (10): 269-287