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Photofilm tells story of hope in post-tsunami Aceh

After a lengthy rebuilding process, WorldFish, in partnership with the Aceh Society Development (ASD) Cooperative, has been helping to put these communities back on their feet through providing vital assistance in the development of local small-scale aquaculture enterprises.

The photofilm Rusli’s Story, commissioned by WorldFish, shows the journey of Acehnese farmer Rusli, and the renewed hope and income he found through the development of his shrimp farm, which was established by the cooperative after the tsunami tore through his village.

“Before I had shrimp ponds, my life was difficult and it was hard to find money to support my family. Now, I’m happy because my life is no longer a mess, and I’m proud of my accomplishments”, Rusli said.

Rusli’s Story echoes thousands of small-scale fish and shrimp farmers that now operate in the area.

Senior scientist Dr. Michael Phillips from WorldFish has been at the forefront of the program and hopes that the photofilm will attract vital investors that will expand the reach of the project to help more farmers in the region.

“We hope that the photofilm will raise the interest of public and private partners in supporting small-scale aquaculture improvement. In Aceh, we would like to see private investors, government, and seafood buyers partner with the cooperative, and farmers like Rusli, to expand such positive experiences to a wider group of farming households”, Dr. Phillips said.

Research in the Aceh communities has shown that investment in small-scale aquaculture leads to positive social and economic outcomes, including a sixfold increase in the farmer’s income since 2007.  ASD Cooperative Executive Director, Muhammad Hanafiah, said that facilitating the local farmers to rebuild their fish farms not only generates income, but also encourages trauma healing.

WorldFish is committed to using sustainable aquaculture to reduce poverty and hunger, and improve the lives of fish and shrimp farmers like Rusli in Aceh.

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