Policies in harmony? Does the New Song agree with the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines?

With the recent endorsement of two supra-national policies — the New Song and the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines -- Pacific Island countries and territories are being called on to lead the process of national implementation and monitoring to improve socioeconomic and environmental conditions in coastal fisheries and fishing communities. To aid this effort, we compare these policies on three levels -- visions, guiding principles and recommendations -- to determine if a harmonised approach to implementing these two policies is possible. We conclude that there are many points of agreement between the two although the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines offer firm recommendations on human rights, whereas the New Song specifically suggests community-based approaches as a management solution, and calls strongly for interagency coordination.


Song, A.M., Cohen, P.J., Morrison, T.H. (2017)
SPC Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge Information Bulletin, 38: 26-36 [open access]