Pond polyculture technologies combat micronutrient deficiencies and increase household income in Bangladesh

Two sustainable, low-cost pond polyculture technologies have been developed to culture carps and mola in ponds, and culture carps and mola in ponds connected to rice fields. These technologies can increase total fish production from ponds. Farmers depend on carps as an income source, and mola is rich in micronutrients that can help to meet the nutritional requirements of the rural poor, particularly women and young children. These carp-mola pond polyculture technologies should be widely adopted throughout rural Bangladesh to increase fish production and household income, and to provide access to micronutrient-rich small fish for household consumption.


Thilsted, S.H., Wahab, M.A. (2014)
CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems. Penang, Malaysia. Policy Brief: AAS-2014-09