Population dynamics and the management of the Indo-Pacific king mackerel Scomberomorus guttatus from the upper Bay of Bengal off Bangladesh coast

Scomberomorus guttatus known as Indo-Pacific king mackerel, is one of the commonly appearing Perciforms in the coastal waters of Bangladesh. There are commercial fisheries, although large volumes are captured mainly by artisan fishermen. It is one of the principal species in the drift gill net fishery of Bangladesh, but the catch is not identified separately. In the coastal waters of Bangladesh, the fishing pressure is increasing due to increase in the number of artisan fishing crafts. On the other hand, information on fishing pressure and stock position of important commercial fishes are limited. The objective of the present study was to estimate the population parameters and exploitation of S. guttatus, captured mainly by drift gill nets, to assess the stock status and sustainable management of the species in the upper Bay of Bengal near Cox’s Bazar coast of Bangladesh.


Rashid, H., Mustafa, M.G., Dewan, S. (2010)
Bangladesh Veterinarian 27(2): 82-90