Prediction of nutrients discharge from Krishna Delta to coast

Krishna and Godavari deltas are rice bowl of India. The Krishna and Godavari districts of the Andhra Pradesh in India have a flourishing agricultural production and the farmers of these areas make use of the mineral rich alluvium of the Krishna river delta more effectively for the purpose. Farmers extensively pumped groundwater for irrigation, industries and extensively used fertilizers for crops. Saltwater intrusion may arise from natural causes or may be anthropogenic (such as excessive drawdown of freshwater for use in drinking, irrigation and industry, as has happened in the Krishna River delta). The nutrients are recharging to subsurface system and discharging to coast. Algal blooms are forming along the beaches due to higher nutrients discharge to coast. The objective of this paper is to predict subsurface groundwater and nutrient discharge to Krishna delta beach by numerical modelling.


Bobba, A.G., Chambers, P., Rao, Y.R.S., Mondal, N.C., Nagabhatla, N. (2010)
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