Preliminary analysis of demersal fish assemblages in coastal waters of the Gulf of Thailand

The 1995 trawl data of the research vessels Pramong 2 and 9 in the Gulf of Thailand were analyzed using TWINSPAN and DCA. Four main station clusters were identified related to geographic location and depth. Two clusters are associated with shallow water areas and the other two clusters are found in deeper areas with water depths > 30 m. Temporal analysis indicates clustering of monthly data into wet and dry seasons. Examination of species abundance data indicates that the seasonality may not be very pronounced. However, this may be due to the degree of disaggregation used in sorting the trawl survey samples.


Narongsak Khongchai, Somchai Vibunpant, Eiamsa-Ard, M., Mala Supongpan (2003)
p. 249-262. Assessment, management and future directions for coastal fisheries in Asian countries. WorldFish Center conference proceedings; 67