Preliminary analysis of the dermersal fish assemblages in the Bangladesh waters of the Bay of Bengal

This paper presents the results of analyses of the demersal fish assemblages in Bangladesh waters of the Bay of Bengal. Catch data from three trawl survey cruises from January to February 1985 covering 135 stations were utilized for community structure analysis using TWINSPAN and DCA techniques. Both techniques separated the deepwater stations (> 90 m) from the shallow areas (< 90 m). The shallow regions had the most species and the dominant ones included Nemipterus japonicus, Lepturacanthus savala, Pennahia spp., Pentaprion longimanus, Upeneus spp., Arius spp., Pomadasys maculatus, Thryssa brevirostris, Leiognathus bindus, Rastrelliger kanagurta, Leiognathus spp. and Upeneus sulphureus. Dominant species in deeper regions were Priacanthus hamrur, Priacanthus spp., Johinus spp., Saurida elongata and Nemipterus spp.


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