Preliminary study of tilapia fry production in Kuwait 1983

The reproductive potential of three tilapias (Oreochromis aureus, O. spilurus and a red tilapia from Taiwan) were tested in 2 m3 fiberglass tanks with a water salinity of 3-5 ppt. Also, the hybridization of O. spilurus and O. aureus was attempted. The tests lasted for 192-207 days. Eggs were collected weekly and incubated artificially. The number of fry produced was noted. Results showed O. spilurus to have the highest reproductive potential based on fry production (75 fry/m2/day) adn the longest spawning season. "Red" hybridization trials had much lower potential (2-11 fry/m2/day).


Ridha, M., Hopkins, K., Al-Ahmad, T., Al-Ameeri, A. ICLARM (1983)