Proceedings of the international workshop responding to HIV and AIDS in the fishery sector in Africa

The purpose of the workshop was to enable professionals and organizations working with fishing communities inresponse to HIV and AIDS in Africa to share experiences, appraise the efficacy of their approaches and identify actions in research and development that will further improve their impact. The workshop pursued and achievedthe following objectives: 1)Review and compare research findings and approaches applied in response to HIV andAIDS in fishing communities and the wider fishery sector. 2)Identify good practice examples for wider application. 3)Identify next steps in development and research to scale up these examples. 4)Initiate a network of practitionersin Africa for capacity building, scaling-up and further development of approaches. The range of papers presented atthe conference reveals the diversity of responses to HIV and AIDS in the fishery sector at all levels. The papers discussed a range of issues within this broad remit, from community level impacts of disease to policy implementation, from spatial mapping to theatre as a mode of communication.


WorldFish Center (2006)
International Workshop on responding to HIV and AIDS in the fishery sector in Africa, Lusaka (Zambia), 21-22 Feb 2006. WorldFish Center. Cairo (Egypt). 97 p.