Quantitative genetic parameter estimates for body and carcass traits in a cultured stock of giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) selected for harvest weight in Vietnam

Benefits derived from selective breeding have been demonstrated in livestock and in some fish species, but by contrast, there have been few systematic selection programs reported for shrimps. Improving growth rate has been identified as the most important trait in the breeding objective for cultured shrimp species. In the present study we analyzed a four generation data set from a fully pedigreed selective breeding program for giant freshwater prawn (GFP in Vietnam. We estimated phenotypic and genetic parameters for body and carcass weight traits. Because GFP is sexually dimorphic, we report all estimates for mixed sexes as well as for females and males separately.


Hung, D., Nguyen, N.H., Ponzoni, R.W., Hurwood, D.A., Mather, P.B. (2013)
Aquaculture, 404: 122-129