Rapid assessment of community needs and fisheries status in tsunami-affected communities in Aceh Province, Indonesia

This paper describes the application of the methodology called Rapid Appraisal of Fisheries Management System (RAFMS) to assess quickly the situation in tsunami-affected coastal fisheries in Aceh Province, Indonesia. As a diagnostic tool, the RAFMS is introduced in terms of its conceptual framework and procedures. The RAFMS was used to appraise the status of the fisheries sector in selected 15 villages. Information generated concerning level of fishing effort, marketing patterns and community perspectives on livelihood options are used as three illustrative examples. The paper also provides some insights in applying the RAFMS methodology in the context of disasters and in the broader context of tropical fisheries management.


Garces, L.R., Pido, M.D., Pomeroy, R.S., Koeshendrajana, S., Prisantoso, B.I., Fatan, N.A., Adhuri, D., Raiful, T., Rizal, S., Tewfik, A., Dey, M. (2010)
Ocean & Coastal Management 53(2): 69-79