ReefBase 2000: Improving policies for sustainable management of coral reefs.

ReefBase 2000 is the fourth update of ReefBase. It reflects the growing awareness that reefs are not just physical resource entities, but dynamic systems providing ongoing benefits to human society. This version of database covers approximately 10,000 reefs and provides information on reef related stresses, threats, management initiatives, harvests, mariculture and coastal tourism. Socioeconomic significance of coral reefs is also taken into consideration. ReefBase 2000 presents a menu margin that allows user to move from one feature to another. ReefBase is also a database for the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN). Salient features include: selected information on over 10,000 reefs, over 3800 records of ecological information, 196 maps covering known coral reefs in 107 countries and islands, over 900 aerial pictures, 300 low-orbit earth photographs, indexes of 1700 experts and over 9000 references on coral reefs from published papers.


International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (2000)
ICLARM. Makati City, Philippines. 1 CD-ROM