Remote sensing application to study the aquaculture dynamics in Kolleru Lake, India

Kolleru lake, India’s largest fresh water lake, and lone Ramsar site in Andhra Pradesh state have undergone tremendous changes due to development of aquaculture. Large-scale aquaculture practices, increased industrial activity, increased number of human settlements, etc. have exploited the lake’s resources which created an extensive ecological imbalance, hence instabilising the sustainability process. The present study highlights the assessment of aquaculture in Kolleru lake using multi-temporal satellite datasets.


Pattanaik, C., Nagabhatla, N., Sellamuttu, S.S., Prasad, S.N., Finlayson, C.M. (2008)
In: E-Proceedings of the 29th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS-2008)-November 10-14,2008