Report on partner NGO refresher course (1): (for field assistants recruited in 2002)

Freshwater Resources Research Program of the WorldFish Center is aimed at improving food security and eradicating poverty by introducing small-scale fresh water aquaculture as an element into the economic activities of resource poor households in rural area (Bangladesh). The target groups are the poor producers and consumers who can benefit from the better use and management of aquatic resources. Year 2000 was the beginning of the USAID funded Development of Sustainable Aquaculture Project (DSAP). The major thrust of the project is to implement aquaculture demonstration and to bring unused and/or underused seasonal and perennial ponds and rice fields into improved production with methods that are feasible, affordable and acceptable to resource poor households in rural areas of Bangladesh. The DSAP approach aims at making cooperating farmers and implementing NGOs sustainable so that after withdrawal of support from the WorldFish Center, aquaculture practices and development are continued in the rural areas.


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