Research for the development of sustainable aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region: ICLARM's perspective and activities

ICLARM's goal is 'Improved production and management of fisheries resources for sustainable benefits of present and future generations of low-income users in developing countries" and its objectives are 'through international research and related activies, and in partnership with NARS to: improve the biological, socioeconomic and institutional management mechanisms for sustainable use of aquatic resource systems; devise and improve production systems that will provide increasing yet sustainable yields; and to strengthen national programs to ensure sustainable development of aquatic resources" . To these ends, ICLARM has produced Strategic (ICLARM 1992) and Medium-Term (ICLARM 1993) plans, based upon prioritization of needs and opportunities through wide consultation with NARS and other experts, and upon likely funding levels. ICLARM's programs are based upon these priorities. They emphasize aquaculture as part of natural resources management and multisectoral development rather than a commodity-driven approach, focused only on fish. This paper summarizes the scope of ICLARM's aquaculture activities and its current perspectives.


Pullin, R.S.V. (1994)
Paper presented at the 8th Session of the IPFC Working Party of Experts on Aquaculture, Bangkok, Thailand, 24-25 Oct 1994