WorldFish is researching the policy and management changes necessary to improve resilience and productivity of small-scale fisheries.

The primary target beneficiaries of this research program are fishery-dependent households and communities, and the traders and consumers of the fish they produce. Improved fisheries governance--in both coastal and inland systems--aims to deliver more food, more income, greater social inclusion and more equitable distribution of benefits.

Strategic investments in fisheries research, embedded in partnerships and networks, and building on the strengths of fishing communities, will sustain and improve human wellbeing and the social-ecological resilience of fishery systems.

To enhance the contribution of small-scale fisheries to poverty reduction and food security, WorldFish and its development partners’ research focuses on:

Critical issues include gender and other social differentiation in the control of assets and in decision-making, equitable management of resource competition, increasing the profile of fish in policy agendas, and fish trade in domestic and intra-regional food systems.

The program will primarily focus on inland/estuarine fisheries in Africa and Asia-Pacific, where the largest number of poor people depend on fish for food and nutrition security and where our research has the greatest potential to deliver impacts at scale. In Asia-Pacific, we will focus on inland and estuarine fisheries in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia and coral reef fisheries in Solomon Islands. In Africa, we will continue work on inland fisheries and the small fish that constitute the majority of catches and that supply value chains reaching poor consumers across the continent.

Program impact by 2022

How research enables resilient and sustainable small-scale fisheries
WorldFish research on fisheries governance and food security is helping fishers and traders improve the resilience and productivity of small-scale fisheries and gain a voice in global and regional policy.

WorldFish’s contribution to the SDGs

As an international non-profit research organization committed to reducing poverty and hunger, WorldFish seeks to maximize the health,  social and economic impact of our work.