A review of carp genetic research and possible approaches to genetic improvement of Asian carps.

Currently available information on all aspects of genetics relevant to improving the production efficiency of carpsunder various farming systems is reviewed. With the virtual closure of the life cycle of many of these carps within the culture environments and a rapid increase in artificial propagation, there is a need to monitor scientifically the broodstock management practices and possible genetic changes taking place in the cultured stocks. National breeding and selection programs should start sequentially by: documenting the amount and distribution of genetic variability within the species concerned; identification and estimation of genetic parameters for economically important traits such as growth rate, survival, maturity and disease resistance; identification and proper definition of present and future breeding objectives taking into consideration the anticipated technological developments in culture systems; and decisions concerning the choice of appropriate breeding and selection strategies.


Eknath, A.E. (1990)
The second Asian fisheries forum