The role of fisheries and aquaculture in the future supply of animal protein.

This paper suggests that aquaculture will not be able to meet the increase in demand for fish from the growing population in developing countries, especially that of the lower income groups in these countries, unless there is deliberate and planned intervention either to involve these groups in aquaculture production and/or until aquaculture becomes sufficiently productive and effi¬cient to make fish more affordable to them. Some of the actions required have been identified, thus offering hope that aquaculture can be an important contributor to food security in the future. Actions needed to remove the constraints on increasing the contribution of aquaculture can be categorized as: those which are research and development based; integrated management and participatory actions; and those which are focused on local conditions while taking advantage of globalization.


Williams, M.J. (1999)
Sustainable aquaculture: food for the future?