Rural aquaculture technology development: transfer and roles of NGOs in Malawi.

Since 1987, ICLARM, in collaboration with the Malawi Department of Fisheries and the University of Malawi ("the program") have been developing appropriate technologies and farmer participatory approaches to assist smallholder farmers in incorporating aquaculture into the traditional maize-based farming systems in Malawi. Integration of aquaculture and agriculture systems can improve smallholder yields by increasing whole farm efficiencies. The program seeks to demonstrate that complementarily of systems and enhancement of recycling pathways of on-farm resources could not only increase production but also lead to long-term sustainability and production but also lead to long-term sustainability and environmental protection of rural farming ecosystems. The overall objective is to elicit adaptive change in traditional farming systems on rural smallholder farms.


Noble, R.P., Costa-Pierce, B.A. (1991)
Prepared for the USAID Workshop "Agriculture and Natural Resources Management in Malawi , Blantyre , Malawi , 27-31 May 1991. 13 p.