Salmon ranching in Chile: the private sector

Domsea Pesquera Chile, Ltda., operated by Fundacion Chile of Santiago, picked the island of Chiloe for their first effort to introduce Pacific salmon in the southern hemisphere. Chloe, at 42°S, is somewhat more northerly than we would have wished, and we were uncertain about the effects of ocean-current patterns offshore. However, Chloe is accessible by road and close to commercial ship and air services. Locations farther south involve significantly more transportation and logistical problems. The objective of the project is to establish an economically profitable salmon run, and logistical considerations are key to good economics.This article gives an account of its salmon hatchery operation in the island.


Lindbergh, J.M., Noble, R.E., Blackburn, K.M. (1981)
ICLARM Newsletter 4 (4): 9-10