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Save the Children joins WordFish-backed Feed the Future project

Save the Children is the latest organization to lend support to the Feed the Future aquaculture project in Bangladesh, enabling another 12,000 households to join the scheme.

Feed the Future is a 5-year USAID-funded scheme. Households who join are provided with technical training and management practices to help them cultivate fish in ponds and to help them with other aquaculture-related activities.

The project means communities across 20 regions in southern Bangladesh (Barisal, Khulna and Dhaka divisions) will be helped to become more self-supporting through aquaculture.

Feed the Future aims to improve the quality and availability of fish and shrimp in these areas; to increase household aquaculture in order to improve health, nutrition, livelihood and income; and to increase commercial aquaculture production. The scheme also works to establish a policy framework to protect the future of aquaculture in Bangladesh. Eventual outcomes include the fostering of aquaculture-based businesses across Bangladesh.

"Solutions to poverty and hunger are complex, which is why the U.S. Government addresses these challenges along the continuum from extreme poverty to commercial production," said Dylan Butler, USAID Office of Food for Peace Information Officer.

WorldFish is working with the Department of Fisheries, Bangladesh (DoF), the Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI), and the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) to implement the USAID-funded project.

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WorldFish, a member of the CGIAR Consortium, is an international, nonprofit research organization committed to reducing poverty and hunger through fisheries and aquaculture.


CGIAR is a global agriculture research partnership for a food secure future. Its science is carried out by the 15 research center members of the CGIAR Consortium in collaboration with hundreds of partner organizations.

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