Seasonality dynamics for investigating wetland-agriculture nexus and its ecosystems service values in Chibuto, Mozambique

This study is a subsection of CPWF-30 (Challenge Program on Water and Food) that centers on investigating the wetland, agriculture, and livelihoods interactions. Chibuto, the floodplain of Changane River in Mozambique is a representative downstream site for the Limpopo sub-catchment. It largely serves as an agro-ecosystem with agricultural, grazing, and fiber collection as the prominent set of ecosystem services. The present analysis is a three-tier framework conceptualized to develop a synoptic overview of spatial, social, and economic elements that governs the system dynamics.


Nagabhatla, N., Saimone, F., Juizo, D., Masiyandima, M. (2008)
p. 41-45. In: Proceeding of the 2nd International Forum on Water and Food. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. November 10-14, Volume III