Servicing the aquaculture sector: role of state and private sectors

This paper was prepared by a group of authors of complementary experiences and presented during the Thematic Session V: Improving knowledge and information sharing, research and extension in aquaculture at the Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010, Farming the Waters for People and Food held in Phuket, Thailand on 22–25 September 2010. The paper, which draws particularly on experiences in Asia, the Pacific and Europe, reviews the role of aquaculture services, recent changes in requirements and delivery of services, and future opportunities and needs, with special reference to roles and responsibilities of state and private sectors. It concludes with recommendations drawn from the discussions at the conference, where the importance of investment in services across the sector was emphasized, noting the particular significance of equitable service delivery to smaller aquaculture enterprises in developing countries, including emerging aquaculture countries in Africa.


Phillips, M., Collis, W., Demaine, H., Flores-Nava, A., Gautier, D., Hough, C., Luu, L.T., Merican, Z., Padiya, P.A., Palmer, R., Pant, J., Pickering, T., Secretan, P., Umesh, N.R. (2012)
p. 627-642. In: Subasinghe, R.R.; Arthur, J.R.; Bartley, D.M.; De Silva, S.S.; Halwart, M.; Hishamunda, N.; Mohan, C.V.; Sorgeloos, P. (eds.) Farming the waters for people and food. Proceedings of the Globlal Conference on Aquaculture 2010. Phuket, Thailand. 22-25 September 2010. FAO, Rome and NACA, Bangkok