Sharing Pacific nearshore FAD expertise

Nearshore fish aggregating devices (FADs) are gaining momentum in the Pacific region as a tool to enhance food security and income for fishers and communities, and to reduce pressure on the resources of lagoons and reef fisheries. A lot of experience has been gained by countries across the Pacific. There have been, however, limited opportunities for nearshore FAD practitioners to come together to share this experience in order to advance the implementation and use of nearshore FADs in the Pacific. In June 2016, twelve experts from the Pacific region came together at the Vanuatu Maritime College in Santo, Vanuatu, to share knowledge and experiences in the design, planning and implementation of nearshore FAD programmes. This article provides an overview of the lessons learnt from the experts’ experiences as well as the knowledge and research gaps that need to be addressed.


Albert, J., Sokimi, W., James, P. (2016)
SPC Fisheries Newsletter 150:37-41 [open access]