Shomirer upolobdhi (Shomir's enlightenment)

This story describes the impact of agrochemical use in aquaculture. Shomir was spending a lot of money to buy multiple chemicals and medicines recommended by different local sales agents, without knowing why they were needed or how to apply them. In addition, the chemicals were not increasing his fish production as he expected, and he noticed they made his skin itch. Ali, a local service provider trained by WorldFish, told him about a training course for fish farmers. The course taught him about best management practices and the correct use of chemicals in his pond. He realized that more than half of the chemicals he had been using were unnecessary. He also learned that one of the side effects of overuse is itchy skin. By only using chemicals when he needs to and at the recommended dose, he has reduced his production cost and his skin problem has disappeared.


WorldFish (2019)
Dhaka, Bangladesh: WorldFish. Guidebook