Source and abundance of jatka (juvenile hilsa, Tenualosa ilisha) in the Gajner beel, sujanagar, Pabna.

Investigations on the source, abundance, migration, exploitations and management options of Jatka (juvenile hilsa, Tenualosa ilisha) fisheries were conducted in the Gajner beel, located at the south-east corner of the Pabna Irrigation and Rural Development Project (PIRDP) in Sujanagar Upazila of Pabna district. This article reports exclusively on the important Jatka fishery of the Gajner beel. The Padma and the Jamuna was identified as the sole source of Jatka in the Beel. The migratory route of Jatka was found to be extended from the Padma and/or Jamuna rivers to the Badai river and then to the beel through a sluice gate at Talimnagar village. The possibility of breeding of hilsa in the beel was nullified. The main Jatka fishing season was found extended from mid August to mid October. Lift net (Veshal/Bandh/Khora Jal) and beach seine net (Ber Jal) were found to be the major gears involved in Jatka fishing. The total quantity of Jatka caught from the beel during 2004-05 fishing season was estimated to be 46.2 mt. Finally, a community based management plan was suggested for implementation by the Gajner beel management committee.


Mazid, M.A., Rahman, M.J., Mustafa, M.G. (2007)
Bangladesh Journal of Fisheries, Special Issue 30: 37-51