Special use forest management in Vietnam with emphasis on wetlands

Forests have always suffered from socio-economic pressures, particularly demographic pressure in the rural upland area where 26 million inhabitants belonging to 54 different ethnic groups live. The need to create jobs for a growing labour force and to produce food has led the local people to exploit the forests heavily. The consequences are the reduction of forest area and demage to the environment. The National Assembly and the Goverment have developed a national program for rehabilitation aiming to incraese the forest cover from 28% (1999-2000) to 43% by the year 2010. To manage the forests while meeting the objectives set by the National Assembly, the Goverment has classified the forest into special use forest (SUF), protected forest, and production forest. This paper describes the type of SUFs and the management mechanism.


Nguyen, T.P. (2003)
Wetlands management in Vietnam: issues and perspectives