Spreading community-based resource management: Testing the “lite-touch” approach in Solomon Islands

In Solomon Islands, community-based resource management (CBRM) is the main strategy for managing coastal fisheries. Although hundreds of communities have implemented CBRM already, the majority of Solomon Islands communities have not, and it is not realistic for partner organisations such as non-governmental organisations and government agencies to spread the concept of CBRM by engaging communities individually. More efficient and cost effective approaches, such as the “lite-touch” that uses relatively few, infrequent visits and appreciative facilitation methods, are required to build on community strengths and capacities. In this article we describe how the lite-touch approach was used to support the Mararo community to successfully implement CBRM, and to act as a “core” community to inspire and guide surrounding communities to follow suit.


Orirana, G., Siota, F., Cohen, P., Atitete, T., Schwarz, A.M., Govan, H. (2016)
SPC Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge Information Bulletin (37): 3-12 [open access]