Stimulating investment in pearl farming in Solomon Islands: Final report

The overall objective of the project is the reduction of poverty in rural areas of Solomon Islands through creation of livelihoods based on sustainable aquaculture. This fits within the over-arching goals of the WorldFish Center in the Pacific to reduce poverty and hunger in rural communities, and with the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) to stimulate rural development and to develop aquaculture. It has been recognised that the nature of the pearl farming industry means that a high chance of success requires a long term investment from an established pearl farming organisation. This project has been specifically designed to compile the elements of a pre-feasibility study to provide offshore pearl companies with sufficient information to investigate the potential for long-term investment in pearl farming in Solomon Islands. This report also includes the following 6 appendices: Appendix I) Past research and development on black-lip pearl oysters in Solomon Islands; Appendix II) Suitability of habitats in the Solomon Islands and other regions of the Pacific for growth of black-lip and silver-lip pearl oysters; Appendix III) Water temperature and cyclone frequency in the Solomon Islands and other key regions of the Pacific: implications for pearl farming; Appendix IV) Abundance, size structure and quality of silver-lip pearl oysters in Solomon Islands; Appendix V) Solomon Islands: the investment climate for pearl farming; Appendix VI) Pearl farming policy and management guidelines.


The WorldFish Center, Solomon Islands (2008)
The WorldFish Center, Solomon Island