Strengthening the role of women in community-based marine resource management: lessons learned from community workshops

Community-based resource management (CBRM) forms an important component of the Solomon Islands Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) inshore fisheries strategy. The strategy recognises that community-based initiatives will be the engine of sustainable economic development in the inshore marine resource sector. Key activities in the strategy include developing and refining community-based management plans and testing livelihood diversification/supplementation strategies. Women play important but often undervalued roles in fishing-dependent families and communities in Solomon Islands. They collect, process, prepare and market fish and other marine resources, contributing directly to the well-being of their families and communities. The important roles that women can play in contributing to CBRM has been recognised as essential to achieving sustainable management outcomes in Solomon Islands. In this paper, the authors utline the process that has been undertaken to strengthen the CBRM role that women can play in several Solomon Islands communities in three provinces. Key components of the training from which lessons learned have been identified are hightlighted.


Hilly, Z., Schwarz, A.M., Boso, D. (2012)
SPC Women in Fisheries Information Bulletin, 22, 29-35 [open access]