Successes and failures of crocodile conservation strategies in the Asia Pacific

In this chapter, the authors examine whether the leather trade or other economic uses of crocodiles really are key to conserving the threatened crocodilians in the Asia Pacific region. They review six species of crocodile and the role of hunting, farming and other forms of exploitation in their management. Drawing on these and other cases from around the world, the author then consider some of the conditions that ensure such uses are sustainable and benefit, rather than endanger, wild populations. Although the subjects are crocodiles, many of the findings could be applicable to other exploited wildlife in the region.


Daltry, J.C., Langelet, E., Solmu, G.C., van der Ploeg, J., van Weerd, M., Whitaker, R. (2016)
In: Aguirre, A.A., Sukumar, R. (eds.) Tropical conservation: Perspectives on local and global priorities. New York: Oxford University Press. 345-358