Summary of length-frequency data for Philippine small pelagic fishes collected by the DA-BFAR/ICLARM Small Pelagics Management Project (Vols. I II) .

The Small Pelagic Management project was established in the Philippines to conduct a review of Philippine small pelagic fisheries and to conduct stock assessment and economic analyses on these fisheries. Growth, mortality and related parameters for Philippine small pelagics were determined mainly from length data. These length data were collected by regular sampling of small pelagic landings at six sites in the Philippines Commercial and municipal landings were sampled equally, with normally ten days of the month devoted to each sector. Growth mortality and related parameter estimates were made with the suite of computer programs, known collectively as the compleat ELEFAN. Since colleagues and workers in similar fields may wish to reanalyze these data, they are summarized and presented here in this data volume.


Dalzell, P., Arce, F. (1988)
International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management. Makati, Metro Manila. 2v